LAW MATTERS is an informative and entertaining program produced by the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (ALSWA). Presented by ALSWA Media Officer Jodi Hoffmann, Law Matters features discussion and interviews about human rights and the justice system.

Due to COVID-19, there were no programs between 18th March and 9th June 2020.  Law Matters returned to the airwaves on Wednesday 10 June 2020.


100.9 FM 6NME Noongar Radio (Perth)
Alternate Wednesdays 11:00am to 12:00 (Repeated Sundays at 9:00pm)

National Indigenous Radio Service NIRS (National)
Broadcast on alternate Tuesdays at 2.05 to 3.00 pm (WST)

936 AM Wangki Yupurnanupurra Radio (Fitzroy Crossing)

Alternate Thursdays at 5.00 pm

(Broadcasting Law Matters since 27 March 2015)

*If your radio station would like to broadcast Law Matters, please contact ALSWA on 08 9265 6666.

  • Law Matters Program 159

    25th November 2020 Guests: Travis Coburn-Lang, Principal Project Officer, Advisory Services, Office of the Director General, Department of Justice Topic:  Work and Development Permit Scheme, a partnership between the Department…
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  • Law Matters Program 158, 14th October 2020

    Dr. James Fitzpatrick from PATCHES Paediatrics talks about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) ALSWA Lawyer Alice Barter chats about recent outreach work in the East Pilbara region and ALSWA’s…
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  • Law Matters Program 157, 30th September 2020

    Jim Morrison yarns with us about YOKAI, which supports the social and emotional wellbeing of WA individuals and families adversely affected by policies and practices of separating Aboriginal and Torres…
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  • Law Matters Program 156, 16th September 2020

    Guests: Kriti Sharma, Author of Human Rights Watch Report (released yesterday): ‘He’s Never Coming Back’: People with Disabilities Dying in WA’s Prisons’; Dr Hannah McGlade about the solitary confinement of…
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  • Law Matters Program 155, 2nd September 2020

    Guests:  Roger Farley, Assistant Director Communication and Engagement for the Road Safety Commission -New mobile phone penalties from 1st September 2020; ALSWA Lawyer Hayley Barbarich talks about what assistance the…
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  • Law Matters Program 154, 5th August 2020

    Guests:  Gordon Cole, Board Member of Shelter WA, about Homelessness Week; Jasmyn Yavu-Kama (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Team Member of ‘Nutha Way’ (formerly Lore/Law) and Nick van Hattem,…
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  • Law Matters Program 153 22 July 2020

    Guests: Jonathon Reid, ALSWA Family Law solicitor Last week’s Smoking Ceremony at the Perth Children’s Court; Commencement of the therapeutic pilot court for care and protection matters   Nick Van…
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  • Law Matters Program 152, 8 July 2020

    Alice Barter, ALSWA Managing Solicitor - WA's Inquiry into the WA Corruption and Crime Commission’s oversight of police misconduct investigations, particularly allegations of excessive use of force.   Cheryl Axleby,…
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  • Law Matters Program 151, 24 June 2020

    Roxanne Moore, NATSILS Executive Officer - Black Lives Matter, role of NATSILS, key issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the justice system;   Glenda Kickett, Social Reinvestment…
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  • Law Matters Program 150, 10 June 2020

    BLACK LIVES MATTER Guests:  Aboriginal Legal Service of WA CEO Dennis Eggington, Dr. Hannah McGlade, Professor Ted Wilkes, Tanesha Bennell (Co-Organiser of the Perth Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday…
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  • Law Matters Program 149 4th March 2020

    Guests :  ALSWA South Hedland lawyer Carly Price gives us an insight into life and work in regional WA; Glenn Shaw, Senior Heritage Project Officer/Aboriginal Heritage/Dept. of Planning, Lands and…
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  • Law Matters Program 148

    19th February 2020   Law Matters is back for another year and our Guests on the program are Thomas Mayor who speak about The Uluru Statement From The Heart, ALSWA…
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  • Law Matters Program 147

    Law Matters Program 147 13th November 2019 Jodi Hoffmann speaks with Aboriginal Legal Service of WA Ltd CEO Dennis Eggington about a range of topics including WA’s Custody Notification Service,…
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  • Law Matters Program 146, 2nd October 2019

    Guest:  Peter Collins, ALSWA Director of Legal Services.  This program focuses on the Custody Notification Service (CNS) which commenced operations on 2nd October 2019.   [audio mp3=""][/audio] Download
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  • Law Matters Program 145, 21st August 2019

    Guests: David Woodroffe, NAAJA Principal Legal Officer and President of Winkiku Rrumbangi NT Indigenous Lawyers Aboriginal  Corporation chats about the National Indigenous Legal Conference that took part in Darwin last…
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  • Law Matters Program #144, 24th July 2019

    Guests: Chloe Collard, Program Manager from the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation, and Nikolas Barron, ALSWA Lawyer, about the importance of getting assistance to pay off your Fines. Law-Matters-EP_144_24-7-19-2Download
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  • Law Matters Program 143, 10th July 2019

    Guests: ALSWA Community Legal Education Officer Sabah Rind talks about the events that ALSWA is involved in during NAIDOC Week (7-14 July 2019); Peter Collins, ALSWA Director of Legal Services,…
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  • Law Matters Program 142, 29th May 2019

    Guests: WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson talks about the WA Police Reconciliation Action Plan launched during Reconciliation Week; Co-Chair of Reconciliation WA Carol Innes talks about the significance of National…
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  • Law Matters Program 141, 15th May 2019

    Guests: Jim Morrison from Yokai chats with us about Sorry Day which is on 26 May; Dominique Hansen, CEO of Law Access lets us know about the annual Law Walk…
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  • Law Matters Program 140, 1st May 2019

    Guests: Iain Cameron, Road Safety Council Chairperson discusses a road safety guide for Indigenous Communities – Keeping Your Mob Safe, the Indigenous safety campaign done with Goolarri Media and community…
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