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LAW MATTERS is an informative and entertaining program produced by the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (ALSWA). Presented by ALSWA Media Officer Jodi Hoffmann, Law Matters features discussion and interviews about human rights and the justice system.


100.9 FM 6NME Noongar Radio (Perth)
Alternate Wednesdays 11:00am to 12:00 (Repeated Sundays at 9:00pm)

National Indigenous Radio Service NIRS (National)
Broadcast on alternate Tuesdays at 2.05 to 3.00 pm (WST)

936 AM Wangki Yupurnanupurra Radio (Fitzroy Crossing)

Alternate Fridays at 3:oopm

(Broadcasting Law Matters since 27 March 2015)

96.3 Tjuma Pulka (Kalgoorlie)

Alternate Saturdays 11:00am to 12:00 Noon

(Broadcasting Law Matters since June 2015)

*If your radio station would like to broadcast Law Matters, please contact ALSWA on 08 9265 6666.

  • Law Matters Program 93, 17th February 2016

    Guests: Amanda O’Connor, National Cycling Centre WA Head Coach, who discusses the new Indigenous (Cycling) Talent Identification and Development Program for Aboriginal kids in Perth aged 10-14. For more information email…
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  • Law Matters Program 92, 16th December 2015

    Guests: Peter Collins ALSWA Director of Legal Services and Paul Gazia ALSWA Civil/Human Rights Unit Manager and Neil Morgan the Inspector of Custodial Services. This program was the final program for…
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  • Law Matters Program 91, 18th November 2015

    Guests: Robert ‘Bono’ Bonson, originally from Darwin, spent over 25 years working with the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA. He joins us on Law Matters to talk about life in Darwin…
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  • Law Matters Program 90, 4th November 2015

    Guest: Murri Lawyer Peta MacGillivray was one of the Project Researchers on the recently released UNSW Report. She discusses this report - Indigenous Australians with Mental Health Disorders and Cognitive…
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  • Law Matters Program 89, 21st October 2015

    Guest: Craig Comrie, CEO of the Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA) discusses some of the issues facing some young people today, including mental illness and homelessness. We also feature…
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  • Law Matters Program 88, 7th October 2015

    Guests: Kathy Watson, Secretary of ALSWA Executive Committee and West Kimberley representative; Rod Astbury, CEO of WA Association for Mental Health; Ben White, Managing Solicitor of ALSWA Broome Office [audio…
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  • Law Matters Program 87, 23rd September 2015

    Guests: Arlia Fleming, Lawyer, Bandyup Action Group (B.A.G) discusses the B.A.G Action Plan and Debbie Kilroy OAM, CEO of Sisters Inside. CEO of Sisters Inside, an independent community organisation which…
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  • Law Matters Program 86, 26th August 2015

    Guests: Grant Sarra, Cultural Consultant - To Understand the Present – We must understand the Past”, John Paul Janke, AIATSIS Director of Community Engagement – August is Family History Month…
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  • Law Matters Program 85, 12th August 2015

    Guests: Daniel Morrison, CEO of the Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service, discussing the prevalence of drugs and alcohol within the community and support that is available for our people requiring…
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  • Law Matters Program 84, 29th July 2015

    Guests: Dr. Tania Penovi ,Rod Little, Chairman of the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body,  Mel Thomas University of WA Law Coordinator [audio mp3="https://www.als.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/audio_Law_Matters _EP_84_290715.mp3"][/audio] Download Guests: Dr. Tania Penovic…
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  • Law Matters Program 83, 15th July 2015

    Guest: Tauto Sansbury - 2015 National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient [audio mp3="https://www.als.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/audio_Law_Matters_Ep_83_150715.mp3"][/audio] Download
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  • Law Matters Program 82, 1st July 2015

    Guest: Georgia Herford, ALSW Family Law Unit lawyer discusses the increasing demand being placed on grandparents in caring for grandchildren Carol Bahemia talks about the role of the Bandyup Action…
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  • Law Matters Program 81, 17 June 2015

    Guest: Tammy Solonec, Amnesty International Australia's Indigenous Peoples' Rights Manager talks about Amnesty’s Report which was launched at ALSWA last week: ‘There is always a brighter future: Keeping Indigenous kids in…
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  • Law Matters Program 80, 3rd June 2015

    Guest: Heather Menaglio, ALSWA Civil / Human Rights lawyer discusses ALSWA’s Outreach work occurring in the southern region of WA. This program also contains information on the newly elected ALSWA…
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  • Law Matters Program 79, 20th May 2015

    Guests: Paul Gazia and Sarouche Razi (ALSWA Civil/Human Rights Unit lawyers) chat about their recent trip to the Kimberley region where they attended Open Days run by the WA Attorney General’s…
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  • Law Matters Program 78, 6th May 2015

    Guests: Kirstie Parker, Co-Chair of the National Justice Coalition talks about ‘Change the Record’, a new campaign to end the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the…
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  • Law Matters Program 77, 22nd April 2015

    Guests: John Schumann, formerly of Redgum, penned “I was Only 19” back in 1983, and has just released a song that honours our Indigenous Service men and women, called “On…
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  • Law Matters Program 76, 8th April 2015

    Guest: Dennis Eggington, CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA (ALSWA) discusses a range of issues including National Youth Week, the ongoing funding of legal services and the proposed…
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  • Law Matters Program 75, 25th March, 2015

    Guests:Dennis Eggington, CEO Aboriginal Legal Service of WA; Shane Duffy, Chaireperson NATSILS; Angie Lee Stahl, Manager, Wangkiyupurnanupurru Radio ALSWA CEO Dennis Eggington talks about the National Day of Action against…
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  • Law Matters Program 74, 11th March, 2015

    Guests:David Hillyard, Director of Retail and Service with Consumer Protection; Sarouche Razi, ALSWA Civil/Human Rights Solicitor David Hillyard, Director of Retail and Service with Consumer Protection – Tips to avoid…
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