Law Matters is a fortnightly radio program produced and presented by the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA Ltd.

The show started in October 2010 and is broadcast from the 6NME Noongar Radio studios in Perth and repeated on the National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS).

Hosted by ALSWA Public Relations/Media Manager and 2020 First Nations Media Outstanding Contributor Award Winner Jodi Hoffmann, Law Matters is an informative and entertaining show, focusing on the legal issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in WA.

The program was named as a Finalist in the 2020 First Nations Media Awards in ;

Best Interview or Oral History
Best News and Current Affairs Program
Best Community Radio Documentary Service

There is also plenty of yarns with community members and key stakeholders within the justice system.

Tune in each fortnight (Wednesdays from 11.05 am until 12 noon, WST) on 100.9 FM Noongar Radio.

Scroll down to listen to any of our programs between 2010 and 2020.


100.9 FM 6NME Noongar Radio (Perth)
Alternate Wednesdays 11:00am to 12:00 (Repeated Sundays at 9:00pm)

National Indigenous Radio Service NIRS (National)
Broadcast on alternate Tuesdays at 2.05 to 3.00 pm (WST)

*If your radio station would like to broadcast Law Matters, please contact ALSWA on 08 9265 6666.

  • Law Matters Program 129, 18th July 2018

    WA’s Chief Justice Wayne Martin retires this week and he joins ALSWA CEO Dennis Eggington in the studio to chat about his 12 years spent as Western Australia’s 13th Chief…
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  • Law Matters Program 128 4th July 2018

    WA Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts chats with us from Halls Creek about new Kimberley local crime prevention initiatives; Parliamentary Education Officer Peter Dooley provides an insight into…
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  • Law Matters Program 127 20th June 2018

    Guests: Carolyn Lewis from the First Nations Deaths in Custody Watch Committee who will present a workshop on the tragic passing of Ms. Dhu at the National NAIDOC Aboriginal and…
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  • Law Matters Program 126, 23rd May 2018

    Guests: Aboriginal Legal Service of WA Director of Legal Services Peter Collins discusses this week's announcement that a 24 hour hotline will be set up requiring police to call the…
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  • Moorditj Mag on RTR-FM 17th May 2018

    Acclaimed author Kim Scott spoke about his latest novel ‘Taboo’ with presenters Jim Morrison and Jodi Hoffmann (ALSWA Media Officer). Listen to the program here:  
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  • Law Matters Program 125, 9th May 2018

      Guests:  Greg McIntyre, Senior Vice President, Law Society of WA and Dennis Eggington, CEO, Aboriginal Legal Service of WA *Law Week is on from 14-18 May 2018 – Information…
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  • Law Matters Program 124, 11th April 2018

    Sallie McLean, Principal Legal Officer, Australian Law Reform Commission about ‘Pathways to Justice – An Inquiry into the Incarceration Rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Rodney Dillon, Amnesty…
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  • Law Matters Program 123, 28 March 2018

    Guests: Nyoongar human rights lawyer Dr. Hannah McGlade, and from the ALSWA Broome office, Court Officer Teeka Skeen and lawyer Marcus Dyason [audio mp3=""][/audio] Download
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  • LAW MATTERS PROGRAM 122, 14TH March 2018

    Guests: ALSWA Community Legal Education Officer Sabah Rind, and ALSWA Civil/Human Rights Unit Lawyer Ashley Truscott (discussing the rights of prisoners). [audio mp3=""][/audio] Download
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 121, 28th February 2018

    Kevin Blurton, ALSWA Bunbury Senior Court Officer, on 30 years at ALSWA – Kevin is also the Male recipient of the NATSILS Trevor Christian Award for Employee of the Year…
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 120, 6th December 2017

    In our final program for 2017, ALSWA CEO Dennis Eggington and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson discuss ways of moving forward and how the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the…
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 119, 11th October 2017

    Guest:  Jim Morrison, 2017 joint recipient (with Angela Ryder) of the 2017 John Curtin Medal [audio mp3=""][/audio] Download
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 118, 13th September 2017

    LAW MATTERS Program 118, 13th September 2017 Guests: Black Comedy’s Steven Oliver is an Ambassador for R U OK. He joins us to chat about the importance of R U…
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 117, 2nd August 2017

    Guests: Professor Neil Morgan, Inspector of Custodial Services in WA, and Joseph Wallan, OICS Community Liaison Officer, discussing the recent OICS Report:  “Behaviour Management Practices at Banksia Hill Detention Centre”…
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 116, 19th July 2017

    Guests: Shahleena Musk, Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) Senior Policy Advocate and Raymond Muir, ALSWA (Albany based) Court Officer. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Download
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  • LAW MATTERS Program 115 21st June 2017

    Guests: Monique Kickett and Sasha Greenoff talk about their roles of ALSWA Diversion Officers assisting young people and their families through the Perth Children’s Court, and ALSWA Family Law Lawyer…
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  • Law Matters Program 113 24th May 2017

    Guests: WA Lawyer of the Year recipient Nicholas Van Hattem (Co-founder of the Piddington Society) and Adrianne Walters, Human Rights Law Centre Acting Director of Legal Advocacy, who'll be discussing…
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  • Law Matters program 112, 26TH April 2016

    Guests: Bob Taddeo, WA Department of the Attorney General RE Aboriginal Justice Program Open Days in Western Australia; Alain Musikanth, President of the Law Society of WA RE Law Week…
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  • Law Matters Program 111 12th April 2017

    12th April 2017 Guests: Annetta Bellingeri, Kimberley Senior Regional Officer, Consumer Protection.  Topics: Employment scams. Fake ATO phone call, dodgy pop-ups; Sabah Rind, ALSWA Community Legal Education Officer.  Topics: Upcoming…
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  • Law Matters Program 110 29th March 2017

    Guests: Dennis Eggington, CEO,  Aboriginal Legal Service of WA and Alain Musikanth, Law Society of WA President [audio mp3=""][/audio] Download
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