Feedback and Complaints

ALSWA welcomes feedback and comments from clients and members of the community in order to ensure that our services are continuously monitored and improved where necessary. If a person wishes to provide feedback that does not constitute a complaint, it may be provided verbally, in writing or via an online feedback form. ALSWA will not directly respond to feedback or general comments unless it constitutes a complaint and the person providing feedback indicates that he or she would like a response.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression/statement indicating dissatisfaction with or a concern about a service provided by ALSWA or the conduct of an ALSWA employee.

Receiving Complaints

A complaint may be received either verbally (in person at any ALSWA Office) or in writing (by letter, email or fax). Please mark correspondence to the attention of the Complaints Officer and send to the Perth Office.

If the complainant is unable or unwilling to make a written complaint, a verbal complaint can be recorded by at least two ALSWA employees and the written record of the verbal complaint must be signed by both employees and, where possible, the complainant.

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint may be made by, or on behalf of, any person. If a complaint is made on behalf of someone else, then it will be necessary for ALSWA to speak to the person on whose behalf the complaint is made in order to properly investigate the complaint. If this is not possible, ALSWA will endeavour to investigate the complaint as far as practicable.

If the complaint is made on behalf of someone else, then the person making the complaint may participate in the process to resolve the complaint.

For people with disability, a guardian, carer, advocate or support person may make a complaint on behalf of the person with disability or otherwise be involved in assisting the complainant to make the complaint and in resolving the complaint.  A parent or guardian may make a complaint on behalf of a person who is under the age of 18 years.

Anonymous Complaints

ALSWA will accept anonymous complaints and investigate the subject matter of the complaint in order to improve its services and operations but unless the complainant provides contact details no response will be provided.

Responding to the Complainant

The complainant will be advised, in writing, of how their complaint will be handled, who is handling it and when they will be told of the outcome of their complaint. A notice will be sent to the complainant within 10 working days from the date the complaint was received.

Informing Complainant of Outcome

When the outcome of the investigation into the complaint has been finalised, the complainant will be informed in writing of that outcome.

Review Procedure

If the complainant wishes to pursue a complaint about Legal Services further, the complainant will be offered a copy of ALSWA’s Review Procedure. The complainant will also be provided with the contact details of our Contract Manager, and the relevant body for taking complaints about legal services in the state or territory in which you provide the Legal Services.