• Justice-a_history_of_ALSWA

    Justice: A history of Aboriginal Legal Service of WA

    A lively and multi-dimensional insight into Australian history, Justice: A history of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia reveals the human face of some of the nation's major social, political and legal reforms of the past four decades. The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (ALSWA) began by defending Aboriginal people's right to equality before the law, and its defence of Aboriginal people's human rights has taken this story beyond the criminal justice system.

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  • aftertheremoval

    After the Removal

    A submission by the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA (Inc) to the National Inquiry into Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families.

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  • tellingourstory

    Telling our Story

    In 1995 this was the first public research report of its kind undertaken in Western Australia. It documents an extraordinary chapter in the history of Aboriginal affairs examining the effect of government policies that saw thousands of Aboriginal children removed from their families and reared in missions, orphanages, reserves and white foster homes.

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