19th January 2011


19January 2011

WARD MATTER – ALSWA welcomes announcement that WorkSafe will prosecute

Today’s announcement that WorkSafe will prosecute the State of Western Australia (Department of Corrective Services), government contractor G4S Custodial Services Pty Ltd (formerly GSL Custodial Services Pty Ltd) and the two drivers involved in the death of Mr. Ward in January 2008 has been welcomed by the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA (ALSWA).

“We are extremely pleased that this decision has been reached. It is a welcomed outcome and we commend WorkSafe for their thorough investigation into this matter” said Dennis Eggington ALSWA CEO.

Next week marks the third anniversary of the tragic death of respected Elder Mr. Ward. Upon learning of the WorkSafe announcement, Mr. Ward’s wife Nancy asked ALSWA to convey her thoughts to the media via her statement (below):


“I am happy and relieved about [WorkSafe’s decision to lay charges].

I think it is long time coming. It is good for my sons and me, for the Ward families, my in-laws, the Elders in the community, friends and colleagues of my husband – everyone who knew my husband.It will help me and my family deal with the pain a little better.”

END QUOTE (Nancy).

ALSWA will continue to assist Nancy and her children.