SAM DINAH, Former ALSWA Prisoner Support Officer

Sam Dinah is known to many of our people throughout the Country for his tireless work within the Community spanning many decades.

Until 2010 Sam was ALSWA’s Prisoner Support Officer, but many people would be unaware that Sam was also one of ALSWA’s very first ‘Field Officers’ during the 1970’s. He shares some of his recollections from over the years, today on Law Matters.

MARC NEWHOUSE, Co-Chair, Deaths in Custody Watch Committee (WA)

Find out more about the role of the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee (WA) as we talk with DICWC Co-Chair Marc Newhouse. We discuss the ongoing work of the Watch Committee, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, 20 years on, and how you can get involved in the ALSWA and DICWC Public March in Perth on 15 April 2011. More information about this and other DICWC events at