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The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia Inc (ALSWA) is the proud recipient of the 2012 Human Rights (Community Organisation) Award.

This Award acknowledges ALSWA’s tireless efforts in striving for justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through:

  • Enhancing the rights of Indigenous Australians;
  • Increasing awareness of issues of injustice or inequality in Australia;
  • Taking action to overcome discrimination or infringement of human rights within Australia.

ALSWA provides legal representation and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, through a holistic approach which goes well beyond providing just a legal service.

Our philosophy is enshrined in human rights principles through our work in criminal law, civil law, family law, advocacy, community legal education and media involvement.

Funded through the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department for day to day operations, ALSWA receives no funding from the State of Western Australia in providing legal support and representation to some of this state’s most disadvantaged peoples.

To fully achieve our goals and continuing human rights and advocacy work, ALSWA relies upon contributions from individuals and organisations.

It is only through the goodwill of our supporters that ALSWA can adequately advocate, lobby and provide a strong voice nationally and internationally on the continued struggles and inequality faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in 2013.

“We know there are many people who share our vision for a better future for all Australians and we thank you for your support in our ongoing struggle for justice”

ALSWA CEO Adjunct Professor Dennis Eggington
(Former National NAIDOC Person of the Year, WA Citizen of the Year ‘Indigenous Leadership’/John Curtin Medal recipient)

Perth Head Office: 7 Aberdeen Street Perth WA 6000, PO Box 8194, Perth Business Centre, WA, 6849.

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