What Price, the Life of a Child

The verdict has now been handed down; a fourteen year old child is lost to his family, friends and community forever.

A child, on a trail bike, breaking free from the constraints of Kalgoorlie, breaking free from a town that has made those with power and influence so much richer.

A town, where the Diggers and Dealers come to celebrate their wealth every single year. A town, where the Traditional Owners mourn their loss every single day.

However this loss has a human face.

The face of a child, an exuberant child, embracing life, trying to deal with the constraints imposed upon him. A child who had every birthright to partake in the riches of a country his people have nurtured forever.

We feel your loss, we join in your struggle and we vow that this child’s too young life will be remembered, honoured and most importantly not be in vain.

His life had meaning, his life meant future, his life was sacred and so shall be his memory.


Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia Limited