Seranie Gamble ALSWA Law and Advocacy Unit Human Rights lawyer

Find out about ALSWA’s involvement in the UN Universal Periodic Review (held on 27 January 2011), a new procedure of the UN to review Australia’s human rights record.

Amala Groom University of Technology (UTS) Sydney, Law student

Amala is a student intern from NSW who spent  two weeks working with ALSWA’s Law and Advocacy Unit in Perth.  She talks about her time in Perth and issues that are important to her as an Aboriginal woman.

Margaret Ugle ALSWA Court Officer Broome

Gain an insight into the role of a Court Officer and life in the Kimberley as we chat with Margie Ugle, who has spent much of the last 7 years working out of ALSWA’s Broome office.

Wendy Rea-Young ALSWA Community Legal Education lawyer

Community legal education is vital in ensuring that ALSWA’s information is reaching our communities throughout WA.  Wendy discusses ALSWA’s involvement  and participation in  community events and workshops and our current and expanding pamphlet range.

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