Jolene Farrell ALSWA Secretary

Gilbert ‘Jack’ Calyun ALSWA Reception

Meet two of the David Wirrpanda Foundation and Central Institute of Technology ‘Solid Futures’  students who helped to create ALSWA’s vibrant historical mural . (See Koori Mail articles 22/9/10 and 1/12/10).  Following their involvement with the ‘Solid Futures’ program, Jolene and Jack have recently commenced employment with ALSWA. *ALSWA congratulates the ‘Solid Futures’ students who graduated on 2nd December 2010.

Robyn Ninyette ALSWA Deputy Director Legal Services

A Noongar woman originally from Narrogin, Robyn graduated as a lawyer in 1997.  She discusses embarking upon her career within the legal profession and her recent appointment as a member of ALSWA’s Senior Management team.

Leashay Eggington ALSWA Court Officer

Originally commencing as an Office Clerk with ALSWA, Leashay Eggington went on to train as a Court Officer and has now also completed the first year of her Law Degree.  Find out more about Leashay’s work and studies and what motivates her to work within WA’s justice system.

Tamara Gillespie ALSWA Law and Advocacy Unit Incarcerated Juvenile Support Worker

Regular visits to Rangeview and Banksia Hill detention centres ensures that more support is now available for our young people.  Learn more about the support that ALSWA can provide and why this work is so important.

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